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Episode 9: What You Can’t Tell From Your Couch



Episode 9 is full of colour and character in so many ways. For starters, it was our very first ‘location episode’ – filled with all the hurdles and hoops and merry chaos that that entails. And because each episode takes two days to film, that means two days of completely invading someones space with our ten-strong crew, two full days of cameras in faces, lights hanging at odd angles and all manner of topsy-turvyness. Lucky for us, we couldn’t have asked for a more gracious host for our first shoot outside the Bitten kitchen. Ishay is a blogging friend of mine (and just plain friend too!) and she is the epitome of elegance, intelligence, kindness, warmth and so much more. She welcomed us into her beautiful home with open arms (quite literally, as you can see above) and smilingly put up with all our madness. Not only that, but she also fed us the most beautiful Aubergine, Pine Nut and Labneh Salad (a salad to fall in love with) and a beautifully rich, creamy and delicious Crab Curry (my very favourite kind of finger-licking food).

You can read more about Ishay’s food and travel musings on her blog, and find out more about hiring her amazing kitchen right hereĀ Food And The Fabulous

Also in Episode 9, you’ll meet our fellow blogger friends Ming and Thuli. They both add such freshness, vibrancy and energy to the blogging community in South Africa, and it was such a pleasure to have them with us, swop stories from the bloggosphere and so much more. They were amazingly patient guests too, because we ended up feeding them long after it was polite.

This shoot was also the first day that my friend and our Bitten co-executive producer Nicola was on set with us. For the first two weeks of the shoot she was busy being a superhero and climbing to Everest Base Camp. Nicola has been on the Bitten journey with me since it was just a teeny tiny little thought and has had so much to do with the shaping of it and the happening of it, so it was great to finally have her on set with us every day.

Finally, if you think I’m wearing something pretty, it’s because of our friends over at Style36, they did all the clothes for the series, and we think it was a pretty good match. You can find all the #bittenTV outfits right here.

IMG_1133Nicola and Rita

IMG_1141One of my favourite photos of Chris (our Director)
Even though it’s a little blurred, it captures so much of his warmth and sincerity.

IMG_1117Ishay and I preparing the Aubergine Salad

IMG_1068Craig doing a sound check

IMG_1127Farrell and Chris, looking lost in thought



IMG_1214Sitting in Ishay’s lounge during a break, watching the very first episode of Bitten that we’d just received from our editors

IMG_1299Ming, Thuli, Ishay and I

IMG_1305Thuli enjoying a glass of wine

IMG_1217Mini-conference in between takes

IMG_1337Our lovely Luisa working her food styling magic

IMG_4400Ishay couldn’t believe what went into taking a seemingly simple close-up of zesting a lemon


Happy Tummies means Happy Bloggers