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Have You Met Millet?


Hello friends!
Have you tried Millet yet? It boasts a very long list of healthy accolades, and I definitely think that you should get acquainted. Besides being deliciously nutty, it’s gluten-free, alkalising (kind to your digestive system), full of slow-releasing energy, budget friendly and, thankfully, really versatile.

Try it as a creamy Breakfast Porridge, loaded with pears, apples, roasted figs or caramelised stone fruit and lots of other goodness
Or as a fluffy cous cous-like Millet Salad with Roasted Vegetables and a tangy Citrus Dressing, maybe?

Use a ratio of about 3 or even 4 parts liquid : 1 part millet for a creamy, porridgey version; or 2:1 for a fluffier more cous-cous like result. For the porridge I’ve used half water and half milk so that it’s nice and creamy. You could also swap out regular milk for coconut milk and top with toasted pistachios and a small handful of coconut flakes if you like.

Happy feasting!
Sarah x