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My April Natural Beauty Favourite


It took me ages to find a natural conditioner that was as rich and nourishing for my hair as I like – but boy am I glad I kept on looking. The Naturalmente Deep Hydrating Conditioner is exactly what you need for colour-treated hair, especially if you live in Joburg’s harsh climate and the dry winter months are approaching.

Naturalmente’s intensive hair moisturising treatment is made with fennel & geranium oils, so not only does it smell AMAZING, but it also deeply penetrates and hydrates dry hair, leaving it soft and shining. Because it’s so rich, you can use it as a once a week treatment in Summer, and then maybe more often in Winter, and it’s also perfect for getting the knots out of my Sophie’s long, tangly 6 year old hair 🙂

Other Notes
For best results, use 2 weeks before a colour treatment, so the fennel oil can prepare and hydrate your hair.
Protects from thermal styling and keeps hair hydrated, putting back the moisture that gets lost during heat exposure.

Each key ingredient has special benefits:
Fennel: Normalising, soothing, revitalising effects.
Geranium: Conditioning, anti-ageng effects.
Lavender: Purifies scalp, heals, prevents hair loss.
Silica: Strengthens, adds shine, locks reconstructing elements into the hair.

Treat yourself to a bottle in time for winter and get it delivered to your door? Head on over here to buy online.