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Lucky Fish and Chips, Kalk Bay



I have debated long and hard about sharing this little gem with you. Forgive me for sounding selfish. It’s only that I feel rather smug whenever we go there because I get the sense that we are onto something particularly special.

What most of us already know is that Kalk Bay with its little antique shops filled with quirky collectibles is a little anomaly all of its own. What I am guessing a lot of you don’t know however, is that tucked away beneath some of Cape Town’s more renowned restaurants that stand guard on the rocky outcrop adjacent to the harbour, and which I’ll get to later, are all your falling apart fresh fish in brown paper and eat in for under a hundred bucks dreams come true.

Rob and I often arrive at the Kalk Bay harbour parking area on a Friday evening, on our way to movies, and pull up a bench in Mrs Abrahams’ delightful establishment where plastic tomato sauce bottles are unashamedly de rigeur. And where good old fashioned values are too. The battered Hake is exactly as it should be, golden rings of deep fried Calamari are ever-moreish and slap chips just round everything off perfectly. And don’t forget the tomato sauce of course. We usually follow up our feast with coffee to go and stroll along the pier picking up tid-bits of hilarity from the local fishermen merrily trying their luck on their final casts of the day.

Website? There isn’t one of course. Just another thing that makes this place so special. Go on a little Southern Peninsula adventure and see for yourself.