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For general enquiries, media requests, or just to say hi, get in touch on [email protected]

I proudly and happily grew up in Zimbabwe, it’s still home in my heart, and I visit as often as I can. My parents have a small wildlife conservancy where they are doing some amazing work with lion conservation. It’s a small slice of very precious paradise.

After studying at UCT and living in beautiful Cape Town for a few years, Rob, sweet Sophie, Isla and, as of April 2018, little Emily and I now live in Johannesburg.

And Rob
He’s my legendary husband. A regular bloke (well, way above regular in many ways, that’s why I married him) in the sense that he loves food, rugby, fishing, beer, wine, all that blokey stuff. And he’s our resident taster. He’s super fun to feed as he’ll honestly try anything, and he has his own repertoire of recipes that would blow your socks off.

Where It All Began
I started my blog in May 2010, and was instantly smitten with the the whole process of writing recipes, and writing about them. I love words almost as much as food, and so it was a match made in heaven for me. After a few months I was lucky enough to be the first blogger in South Africa to be awarded a cookbook contract with Random House. My first book, BITTEN, was released in early 2012.

My fifth book, SUPER NATURAL is due out in February 2020. It offers 130 plant-based recipes for eating well and I can’t wait to share it with you! You can read all about my books over here.

In 2013 we filmed my first TV series, Sarah Graham Cooks Cape Town. Amazingly, it’s now in over 40 countries worldwide, and even won a SAFTA (South African Food & TV Award). In August 2015 we filmed Sarah Graham’s Food Safari – which premiered on M-Net (Channel 101) in South Africa.

In November 2016, we were on the road filming another season of Food Safariand this time we explored areas around the Kruger National Park in South Africa, and also travelled east to the beautiful exotic beaches of Mozambique.

Read more about my TV shows over here.

My Food Philosophy
I really want this website to be about goodness, and about food that nourishes our minds and our bodies. Putting goodness back in, and getting goodness out. I love spending hours researching, reading and recipe testing to keep bringing you new ideas.

I fully realise that I am not a qualified nutritionist or health professional – and I am not advocating to be that. However, my greatest joy is to offer people ideas and inspiration for eating delicious, close-to-the-earth whole foods that are free of refined carbohydrates and sugars.

I grew up on a farm, where the milk came from down the road and the veggies grew in the back garden. Living simply and cleanly is what I love.