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Gooey Baked Clementine Chocolate Pots


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  • I feel like so many of us (myself included) fall into the trap of comparing our own lives to what we see on social media. Statistics are showing more and more that this can cause chronic anxiety and self-doubt, and has even been linked to depression. I'm guilty of posting shiny, sparkly, happy posts - they're the prettier ones, and why would you want to see the sleepless nights, the bleary eyes, the kids' tantrums, the scrambled egg on toast for dinner (which totally happens, by the way). BUT we need to be mindful of what we're taking on board, realise that so often what we're seeing in our feed is just a veneer, stay positive, banish self-doubt and be kind to ourselves 😍
  • Hey Friends, we had such fun at our third Women's Wellness Brunch on Saturday, head to the blog to read all about it (and so that you know what at treat you're in for if you join us next time). β €
Also, thank you again SO much to our amazing partners, we couldn't have done it without you - and special thanks to @lornajanesa for dressing @jeanne_vz and I in such snazzy activewear 😍
@faithfultonature @buchulife @natureschoicesa @tripleorange7600 @naartjiekids @earthchildclothing
  • GUYS. A herb crusted rack of lamb with golden potatoes has to be one of my favourite meals, and this one even comes with a snazzy horseradish creme. There's a simple step-by-step guide to making your own at home over on the blog for you. Link in profile. β €
*Recipe brought to you by my @miele_com friendsβ €
#sarahlovesmiele β €
  • Cheers to the long weekend! And amazing friends, special memories, trout 🎣 and lots of delicious food and wine 😍
  • Our Mexican Chicken Bowls last night were YUM, thanks @ucooksa! And in case you missed it, I have news...
1. @ucooksa are offering some of the #BodyResetSA dinners as part of their menu for the next 3 weeks, AND newbies get 20% OFF with the code #SG21DAY 
2. @ucooksa friends also get R100 OFF the reset programme with the code #UCOOK100 
Lekker hey? Happy feasting 😘
  • 5 months of Emily. Oh my cuteness 😍
Sarah Loves Miele

I couldn’t be happier to have partnered with the amazing Miele family as an ambassador for their beautiful kitchen equipment, and we have so much exciting stuff headed your way over the next few months. To find out more about Miele and their awesome range of highest-quality appliances, as well as upcoming events and campaigns that I’ll be hosting with them, follow the conversation on social media with #SarahLovesMiele