First posted: Aug 11, 2021

Greens-loaded Mac and Cheese


Mac and Cheese, like a lot of us I’m sure, is a weeknight staple in our house – but I love adding in a little extra goodness for my kids with generous handfuls of freezer-foraged greens like baby spinach and peas, and they love it too. Add to that the fact that it can all be made cheesy, bubbling and golden in just a couple of fuss-free minutes using my Vortex Air Fryer (yip, just one more thing these magical appliances can do) and it’s definitely worth getting excited about.

And huge thanks to the very cool people at Instant Pot SA and Cape Herb & Spice for collaborating with me to bring these recipes to you.



Cooks in:        Serves:4-6

  • 500g macaroni
  • 4 Tbsp butter
  • 4 Tbsp plain flour
  • 4-5 cups milk
  • 1 cup cheddar cheese, grated
  • 1 cup frozen baby peas
  • ½ cup finely chopped broccoli
  • ½ cup grated parmesan
  • ¼ cup lightly toasted bread crumbs (optional)
  • 2 tsp Cape Herb and Spice new STEAM Sprinkle Seasoning Steam

What to do

1. Cook the pasta according to packet instructions or until al dente, add 1 extra tsp of Steam Seasoning to the water. When finished, drain and set aside

2. Meanwhile, make your cheese sauce as follows: melt the butter in a large heavy-based saucepan over medium heat, when the butter starts to foam add in the flour and stir well using a wooden spoon to make a roux.

3. Cook for another 1-2 minutes and then gradually whisk in the milk, stirring continuously as you do. Cook for a further 5 minutes or until thickened, adding in the cheese and a little extra milk if necessary. Stir through the greens and add 1.5 tsp Cape Herb & Spice Steam Seasoning and cook for 1 minute.

4. Add the pasta into the sauce, stir to combine and then transfer half of the mixture to an ovenproof dish that will fit into the base of your Instant Vortex Air Fryer (reserve the other half for freezing for a rainy day).

5. Pre-heat the Air Fryer to ‘Air Fry at 205C’. Sprinkle over the parmesan and the bread crumbs and cook in the Air Fryer for 3-4 minutes or until golden and bubbling. Serve immediately and thank me later ☺

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