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Life’s More Delicious with JAZZ Apples


Hey friends!

I couldn’t be happier that it’s rosy, crunchy, JAZZ™Apple season again! If you’ve been following my Instagram for a while, you might already know that I can’t live without my morning Oats – cooked slowly in Almond Milk and loaded with lots of mixed seeds, protein powder, a little swirl of peanut butter, and lots of chopped crunchy red apple it brings me joy every day. And, being a farm girl myself, I’m over the moon to partner with the team at JAZZ Apples to support a proudly South African farming story.

Grown with Care
The farmers of JAZZ™apples take extra time and attention when growing their fruit, which makes for a crunchier, juicier product with high nutritional values. Great care is taken to keep the apples chilled after picking, which means they also stay fresher for longer.

Grown by specialist growers in the beautiful Ceres Valley, where conditions in the cool, high valleys are perfect for apples. The cool mountain air slows down the ripening process which allows for intense colours, flavours and aromas to develop. This combined with the clean, pure mountain water used in the orchards ensures the highest quality JAZZ™ apples, and for that, I am very thankful! Find them in a Checkers store near you and enjoy the crunch and delicious sweetness.