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Behind-The-Scenes For Episode 13: The Grand Finale


Episode 13 finds us back in our much loved ‘bitten kitchen’. It was the 5th and last episode we filmed there during a 2 week period, before heading out for all the location shoots for the next 3 weeks. The reason for all the merriment and chaos in this episode is to celebrate Rob’s 30th birthday with friends in Cape Town. And I knew the perfect cheffy side-kick for the job, renowned Cape Town private chef, Neill Anthony. Having trained with, among others, none other than Mr Gordon Ramsay himself, Neill knows a thing or two about putting amazing food on a plate (to say the least), so it was pretty cool to spend two whole days in the kitchen with him, learning new tips and tricks along the way. Thanks again to Neill for being such a willing kitchen accomplice, and for so patiently bearing with my super average knife skills!

Oh goodness, I almost forgot to mention Neill’s pencil. (The pencil!) – a throwback from his kitchen days with Gordon, at least one goes absolutely everywhere with him, and he has dozens more dotted around in convenient and easily accessible spots so that he can quickly jot down ideas, recipes and shopping lists. He’s also one of the few people on the planet that seems to be able to make it sit there obediently.

The Menu?
Risotto Bon Bons
Roasted Tomato Soup with Brioche and Cheddar Soldiers (the brioche we made in Episode 10 using our trusty Kenwood mixer, one of my ultimate kitchen tools)
Fillet-wrapped Asparagus Spears with Horseradish Chantilly
Espresso Martinis

A quick kitchen conference with Neill, myself and Chris


Neill with our head food stylist, Luisa

Chris and Luisa getting their precious ‘pack-shots’ (The still shot of each finished dish)



Our dear friend Michael Olivier joined us for the evening


Ooh, my sound studio!
Craig cleverly built it using PEP blankets (to help muffle any outside noises and to give clean sound)
and this is where I recorded all the sound snippets for each episode

Party set up

Twinkle twinkle