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Bright Lights, Berlin


Hey Friends!
If you follow me on Instagram you might have come across the zillion pictures and insta-stories of my recent trip to Berlin with the Miele SA team. I flew across to Germany with them a couple of weeks ago for the reveal of their brand new, amazing, revolutionary, never-seen-before Miele Dialog Oven. And I was dazzled both by Berlin, and the magic of the launch party.

Why all this fuss about an oven? Well, obviously it’s not just any oven. The Dialog Oven is set to change the way that we cook and eat. Think back to the Microwave fever of the 80s – and then take that to a whole new level.

Here are a few of the marvels that Miele are so proud of
– They are using the word ‘Dialog’ because the food and the oven are literally ‘in conversation’ as they go. Energy levels feedback to the machine as the food cooks, which means that it targets and adjusts to specific ingredients very specifically. For example, you can cook veal, baby tomatoes and mushrooms all together for 40 minutes, but they all come out perfectly cooked at the same time. Or, another way to look at it is with the dramatic ‘fish in ice’ that they showcased for us on the launch night. An uncooked salmon fillet encased completely in a block of ice goes into the oven, and comes out 9 minutes later with perfectly cooked salmon and ice intact. That’s what I mean by energy targeting
– It’s super speedy: you can roast a chicken in about 17 minutes, and cook beautiful pulled pork that would usually take up to 6 hours in around 2.5 hours AND the nutritional value of the food remains intact
– The oven works on ‘Gourmet Units’ (the energy function) but can also work in regular oven temperatures and functions as well as a steam oven
– Obviously, you can completely sync your phone with the oven for remote functioning. A biggie for all the techies out there
– Follow along the exciting roll out with #dialogoven

And of course, an enormous THANK YOU to my Miele friends for inviting me to join in all the fun and for so generously hosting all of us in beautiful Berlin! It was such an amazing privilege to be part of it all.

Sarah X

Event Invitation

Miele’s Big Red Bus to transfer us to the event

One of the amazing dishes that we were served on the night – ‘Salmon cooked and raw’. Half the fillet is covered with foil during cooking, which blocks out the energy transfer to that side of the fish, leaving us with beautiful ceviche one one side and perfectly flaky fish on the other.

Miele Australia brand ambassador, Shannon Bennett

Salmon Cooked In Ice

The most delicious Raspberry Souffl├ęs for our dessert

The Famous Brandenburg Gate, a symbol of the former divide between East and West Berlin

One of my first stops – Currywurst! I’m not sure I’ll be back for seconds, but it was interesting to try!

The beautiful Berlin Opera House

The Holocaust Memorial

The day after the launch event we visited IFA in Berlin – it’s the largest consumer electronics show in Europe and Miele have an enormous (ENORMOUS) stand showcasing all of their products from robotic vacuum cleaners to coffee makers, perfect-clean dishwashers and washing machines and of course fridge/freezers, hobs and ovens.