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Butter Chicken with Cauli Rice for UCOOK


Hello everyone!

There’s still lots of deliciousness coming up with my UCOOK collaboration – such as this Butter Chicken with fluffy, fragrant Cardamom Cauli Rice that is one of my favourite recipes that I created for them – and now it will be available to order from next week (for inclusion in your box the following week) and could be delivered to your very own door. How cool is that?

So, if you’d like to get on board and get your dinners neatly boxed off to you next week then it’s this simple AND we have a very snazzy new special offer for you:

1. Head over HERE to Sign Up, choose your dinners for the upcoming week and get a whopping 20% OFF YOUR NEXT THREE BOXES if you use the code #sarahgraham20 (trust me, the boxes are already really budget-friendly, so the additional discount makes it an amazing deal)
2. Hello! Box arrives at your door the following Monday with your meals pre-portioned and nice and neat and tidy
3. Follow the super simple recipe cards that come with the recipes and tuck in

NB Notes (Read this part!):
To activate the discount, you will need to place your first of three orders on or before next week Wednesday 23rd August at 12pm to get the special offer.
If you don’t want to order three boxes back to back, no problem – the discount will remain active on your account until the 27th of September.

Easy peasy! Happy feasting X