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Cooking in Cape Town with Le Creuset



I loved cooking with Le Creuset in Cape Town last week – and not least because we were so warmly welcomed and hosted at the hallowed grounds of the very special Silwood Cookery School; or because the weather was particularly gorgeous and the mountain all beautiful and shiny. I loved being part of such a happy group of foodies for two days, all completely engrossed in the small details of making beautiful food, and all brought together by the very clever team at Le Creuset. So, to all of those who joined us, a huge and heartfelt thank you. It was such a treat to share my recipes and ideas with you, and I hope to see you again soon.
(Thanks to the lovely Claire Gunn and Le Creuset for the photos)

LeCreusetandSarahGraham(9)Good Morning!

LeCreusetandSarahGraham(12)The Le Creuset Marketing team, L-R Gill, Natasha, myself, Lauren

LeCreusetandSarahGraham(25)Silwood students serving up breakfast treats in gorgeous Le Creuset colours

LeCreusetandSarahGraham(42)View from the gallery

LeCreusetandSarahGraham(63)Making my Apple Crumbles (I need to rename them, because with their crumbly pecan nut, coconut, oats, ground almond topping I like to think that they’re a bit more special than the average apple crumble)

LeCreusetandSarahGraham(69)Turning out the Red Onion Tarte Tatin (I’ll post the recipe soon)

LeCreusetandSarahGraham(72)My amazing assistant Brandon and I, and a selfie

LeCreusetandSarahGraham(73)The Tarte Tatin, all slow-cooked and beautiful and sticky and caramelly

LeCreusetandSarahGraham(96)Dark Chocolate and Salted Caramel Tart

LeCreusetandSarahGraham(105)Sweet little tarte tatins for tasting

LeCreusetandSarahGraham(120)Bite-sized chocolate tarts