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Behind The Scenes: Episode 7


Episode 7 finds us very happily in the beautiful Elgin Valley just outside Cape Town. Here, our great friend Allister Kreft and his parents Mike and Mel have a very special boutique winery, where they carefully, kindly and thoughtfully make very special wine.

Allister, Rob and I have been mates since University days, and he was also the best man at our wedding. Al’s the kind of guy you always feel a little smug about counting as a friend. His endless wit and charm always make for great company. To add to that, he has amazing parents, who welcomed all our crew and chaos into their home with astounding warmth and genuine hospitality. The Kreft’s care for each other and for the friends and family in their lives translates directly into the wines that they so love to make at Belfield.

The Belfield Magnifica is their flagship wine, and it’s a Cabernet Sauvignon that stands tall and proud at any table. I think that it’s honest-to-goodnessly one of the best red wines I’ve been lucky enough to taste. Rob and Al’s version of the story is that the wine has a certain je ne sais quois because they (crookedly) helped to plant some of the very first vines on the farm with a gang of university friends about 10 years ago.

In this episode we’re also joined by two (and a half!) more of our Cape Town friends, Al and Debs Sherratt and their teeny tiny little baby Cara. Thanks for joining in the fun on the farm guys!

So, let me say a huge and very heartfelt thanks once again to the Krefts for their kindness and hospitality. This episode adds a really lovely something special to the whole Bitten series.

Janine touching up Allister’s make-up. No he was not loving it. At all.

happiness Happiness.


Rob and our good friend Al (aka Cuz) tending the flames, and spinning a yarn or three.

The boys and their burgers.


We went for a walk down the farm lane to get a few extra shots. Pretty hey?

Al and Debs and little baby Cara.


Mike and Mel Kreft

The Kreft’s kindly let us take over their lovely sunny kitchen for a couple of days

Chris and Nicola in the kitchen.

Luisa and Minke having a proper laugh behind-the-scenes.