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bitten TV – Behind The Scenes So Far


My head’s all a bit befuddled, it’s been filled with bumblebees for days now as we find our feet and get into the very exciting swing of things on the set of #bittenTV here in Cape Town. So, instead of a long drawn out and poetic update, here are some pictures of all the happy chaos and bits and bobs that are going into this fairly epic undertaking (including the prettiest SMEG fridge that you ever did see), and also a few of the (total utter) legends who make up our merry gang of crew.

Set-up Day 1 (Friday) – That is just some of the camera equipment lined up

Lights. Asleep for now.

Chris, our contemplative and very clever Director

IMG_4028Calm before a cooking storm.

Chatting to Minke our Production Director (she keeps us all on schedule and in order)


Me trying to think of something clever and witty to say

Lovely Luisa Farelo, Food Stylist Extraordinaire putting the finishing touches on a bowl of ‘Why He Married Me Bacon Pasta’
Lu’s ably assisted by Caro who you’ll meet soon

Pretty hey?


Nick, he’s in charge of the Second Camera, and also that tray of eggs dangling above his head.

Like I said, Brioche as you’ve never seen it made before

Janine, making magic with her make-up kit

Quick conference with Chris and Louise, one of Okuhle Media’s CEO’s.

Craig the sound guru. He waited about 4 hours for that cookie.

So far, I think everything’s going swimmingly, and besides being mildly terrified from time to time, I’m having as much fun as a pig in mud. Although I must just stop and ask, do you have one single solitary sodding clue how hard it is to chop onions whilst trying to sound interesting and witty at the same time?! You can’t imagine, so let me just tell you that it’s wildly difficult, and the first onion that I chopped I well and truly butchered. Poor poppet.