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Snippets and Snapshots from Episode 8


Episode 8 was a really special and poignant episode to film. It was the very last one that we shot, so it was the last two days in a 5 week, 6-day-a-week, 12-hour-a-day schedule, and it was filmed in the beautiful setting of Moyo African restaurant in Stellenbosch. You’ll find us cooking with one of Spier’s head chef’s, the lovely Mavis, who has been working at Moyo for over 7 years, and is passionate about imparting our food heritage and culture to tourists and travellers who visit the restaurant from far and wide. Also, we were working with sentimental food like Malva Pudding, and proudly South African fare like kudu bobotie and rooibos and ginger iced tea, which all came together to make a very fitting feast for our last few moments on camera.

Besides our friends from Moyo, we had the treat of having two other very special guests at our table for Episode 8, our legendary food stylists Luisa and Caro.

IMG_3203Rooibos and Ginger Iced Tea. Which we had to film twice in a row because I botched the first round.

IMG_3432Nic packing up his camera for the final time.

IMG_3433A toast with Farrell, Willie and me (well, my arm).

IMG_4680I still have the cork from the bubbly that we popped when Chris said for the very last time ‘it’s a wrap.’ – that moment was profoundly bittersweet.