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Discover Coffee House: Café Istanbul

From the Bosphorous to the countless Bazaars, Istanbul is a city that hums with character and flavour, and that leaves an indelible imprint on your heart and mind. It is a kaleidoscope of experiences that are overwhelmingly and unforgettably rich in culture, colour and architecture and its infamy for being a point where continents collide is woven through every fibre of the city.
Coffee drinking is a ritual, a drawn-out, dramatic affair that is both beautiful and poignant, and I couldn’t think of a flavour that embodies this more than Nespresso’s latest Istanbul-inspired brew. It’s full-bodied, brooding, deep and rich – just like Turkish coffee culture itself.
Turkish Delight is usually elaborately and prettily served alongside coffee on an ornate tray with a small copper pot, and so this recipe is obviously inspired by that, and to conjure up that moment in our minds. I have used Almond Essence to flavour mine instead of the more traditional Rose Water because I love the tie between coffee traditions and marriage ceremonies, and in the name of East meets West, I have brought in the traditionally Western flavours of almond treats and marzipan icing that are served at weddings.
For the recipe, read here.