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Dukkah Crusted Hake with Herbed Millet Salad


Hey Friends

As I’m sure you already know by now, I’ve teamed up with the very cool people at UCOOK so that we can deliver some of my favourite speedy, healthy suppers right to your very own door. YAY!

UCOOK has been built on a passion for ethical, sustainable and locally sourced ingredients and I’m so happy to be part of their food story for the next couple of months.

I’ve created 9 nourishing, full-of-goodness recipes just for you that we’ll be sharing over the next few weeks. The third recipe  that we’re releasing is a really hearty, full-of-flavour Dukkah Crusted Hake with a Herbed Millet Salad.

I’m always working on new and interesting ways to cook with sustainable seafood, so this definitely checks that box, plus it’s light and fresh enough to be ideal for a midweek dinner, but the dukkah brings in a whole new flavour profile that I think you’ll love. Also, millet is gluten free, and alkalising (which means that besides being nutty and wholesome and delicious it’s really kind to your digestive system and full of slow-release energy), so we’re winning all round.

So, if you’d like to get on board and get your dinners neatly boxed off to you next week, for totally fuss-free feasting (including this fish dish), then it’s this simple:

1. Head over HERE to Sign Up, choose your dinners for that week and get a whopping 30% OFF if you use the code #UCOOKwithSarah (trust me, the boxes are already really budget-friendly, so the additional discount makes it an amazing deal)
2. Hello! Box arrives at your door the following Monday with your meals pre-portioned and nice and neat and tidy
3. Follow the super simple, snazzy recipe cards that come with the recipes and tuck in

Easy peasy! Happy feasting X