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Essentials Magazine Feature and An Update




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It’s abominably belated, but I thought I’d show you how kind Essentials Magazine were to me in September. And yes, it is very obviously November, but please don’t you dare snort at me over your cup of coffee. I’m only 8 weeks behind. And in a world of moving house and 8 month old babies, and their tempestuous 3.5 year-old sisters, that’s pretty bloody awesome if you ask me. (I have to tell myself that, because the alternative is flopping down onto my desk and never rising again). Actually, the situation reached an all time low a few weeks ago when someone asked me if I was still blogging. Well, let’s just say ‘blogging’ has been a loose term lately. If you mean chucking a recipe at you all every now and then, sometimes without preface or explanation, and rushing off to the next task at hand, well then yes of course I have still been blogging. Pah. Pft. But if you mean taking exquisitely styled photographs of my latest equally exquisite and mouthwatering creations, and sharing screeds of interesting tips and tricks and anecdotes about ripe heirloom tomatoes and ground chickpea flour and gluten-free this-and-that well then no, I have not jolly well been blogging. 2014 has been, well, busy. For starters, no body bothered to tell me that the jump from one to two kids was like cliff diving into a very deep abyss. Ha! But Sophie and Isla are heart-explodingly exquisite, and we’ve found our feet now, and things are calmer and quieter. Life’s happy. Peaceful. Yay.

At this stage, we’re still planning on filming a second season of my TV show early next year. It will be called Sarah Graham’s Food Safari and and we’ll be venturing far and wide in South Africa and a little further afield. In the mean time, Season 1, Sarah Graham Cooks Cape Town has, astonishingly, been distributed in over 40 countries around the world. You can even see the cute little trailer for the show in Spain right here.

And I wrote another book. Don’t let that little sentence imply that I am being trite or flippant, it encompasses hundreds of hours of loving toil and testing and tasting (by myself and an amazing army of friends from far and wide). I’ll write more about it soon, but you can expect it in stores from about the middle of next year.

There you go, all you only maybe wanted to know and a whole lot more probably.

Happy Tuesdayness xx