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Getting More Goodness In This Winter


Hello Friends!

Did you know that one of the simplest, most budget-friendly and fuss-free ways to add more goodness to our everyday lives and help fight Winter flu season is by eating more plants, like in this recipe for beautiful, fragrant Roasted Tandoori Cauliflower Flatbreads? Yip!

1. Roughly chop 1 head cauliflower and toss in a little olive oil, 1/3 cup Greek yoghurt and then 1 tsp of your favourite curry powder + 1 tsp garam masala + 1 tsp grated fresh ginger and garlic and roast until golden and tender ⁠⠀⁠⠀
2. Make the flatbreads: Mix together 1 cup self raising flour + 1/2 cup yoghurt + pinch salt and knead for a few minutes until you have a smooth dough⁠⠀⁠⠀
3. Divide the flatbread dough into 4 portions, roll out on a lightly floured surface and cook in a hot, dry griddle pan until golden and cooked through. Brush with a little melted butter if you like, and then keep warm and soft by wrapping in a dish towel once cooked.⁠⠀⁠⠀
4. Top the flatbreads with more yoghurt, the cooked cauliflower and lots of chopped fresh mint and coriander, as well as some fresh cucumber or a quick pickle. Enjoy!⁠⠀

Also, here are three of my favourite plant-powered speedy weeknight meals from my plant-based cookbook Super Natural that all give you amazing bang for your buck in terms of flavour, being budget-friendly and really fuss-free.

1. Butternut and Chickpea Korma
2. Spicy Sweet Potato and Black Bean Burgers
3. Golden Sesame Tofu with Rainbow Slaw

And here are a few of my top tips for getting more goodness into yourself and your family every day

1. Kick Off Every Day With Probiotics
Love your microbes! Science is proving more and more each day that a healthy gut is essential to our overall wellbeing.

2. Eat More Fibre
One of the easiest ways to do this is to eat more plants of course, but you can also supplement your fibre intake by adding in 1 Tbsp of psyllium husks or chia seeds to your daily smoothie.

3. Drink More Water
This supports your fibre intake, and also curbs cravings for unhealthy foods and constant snacking. I like to add a dash of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar to my drinking water throughout the day – this is both good for our gut and also for keeping the sugar monster at bay.

4. Prioritise Good Snacks
Ok, obviously this is harder to do at Christmas time than pretty much any other time of the year, but eating processed foods means that our bodies have to send a whole team to take care of breaking down all of those unnatural ingredients which are unkind to our good gut bacteria, when it should be focusing on keeping us healthy and energized.

5. Get Off Your Phone, and Prioritise Sleep
Studies have shown that being on your phone up to an hour before bedtime can lead to over-stimulation and reduced sleep quality. Get a decent bedtime routine going, make it a ritual that you really prioritise. Equally, don’t wake up and reach for your phone – scrolling through a dozen different social media feeds is similar for your brain to a dozen people walking into your room and all starting to speak at once just as you wake up. Not a pretty picture, right?