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The Health Benefits of Raw Cacao


Hey friends

Raw Cacao (unprocessed and completely natural) has superfood superhero status for jolly good reason, and it’s one of my favourite healthy pantry staples, so I thought I’d check in and tell you a little more about why it’s worth getting excited about.

The list of accolades is impressively long, but it usually starts with the fact that there are ridiculously high levels of antioxidants (disease fighting properties) – as in higher levels of antioxidants than blueberries; it’s the highest plant based source of iron; packed full of magnesium which is brilliant for heart and brain function; it has more calcium than cow’s milk AND it’s has natural happiness-inducing properties, YAY! SO, these are all good reasons to add it in to all kinds of favourites, from these Cacao & Cranberry Power Balls to Poached Pears with Healthy Chocolate Ganache and even this gluten and refined sugar-free Dark Chocolate and Salted Caramel Tart. The second thing that you should know, and this is VERY important, is that Sophie and Isla think that this Home Made Chocolate Milk is just as good as store-bought chocolate drink mixes (that are full of sugar, etc etc). So there.

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