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Hello, Patrick Mavros


Hey Everyone

I’m so excited to take you on a little virtual Safari with my friends at Patrick Mavros.

By way of introduction, let me share a little more of the Mavros’ family story with you all…
To most Zimbabwean’s, their reputation as sculptors and jewellers of the highest quality with conservation at the heart of everything that they do is widely known. But for those of you who are not familiar with their fairytale, I think you’re going to love where this is going.

It all began when Patrick created a pair of earrings for his wife Catja. They were almost instantly the envy of many, and so from there came numerous requests for similar earrings. From a simple gift of love, their journey as Africa’s luxury jewellery and sculpture house began.

Over the years, Patrick and Catja have injected their style and creativity into the magic of their home and studio in the sanctuary near Harare, where they brought up their four sons.

From day one, the boys grew up immersed in the creative surroundings of their father’s studio. Alexander, Forbes, Patrick Jnr and Benjamin infused the house of Mavros with their enthusiasm, creativity and passion with a serious pinch of fun…

Marrying intricate craftsmanship with an intrepid family heritage, every piece that is made has been designed by a member of the family with the sole intention of bringing delight, and showcasing the very best of African luxury.

Love pervades everything connected with their business, from the design and production of their works of art to the care and attention given to serving their customers and friends and, of course, their love of Africa.

I was gifted with my first piece of Mavros jewellery by the boys for my 21st Birthday, and have loved following their beautiful story ever since.

And so, I’m now so delighted to invite you to join the Mavros Family and I on an adventure to hosting a soirée infused with the spirit of Safari.

Step 1: Set the Scene
I selected some of my favourite pieces to bring the safari adventure to your table setting, combining elegance with the vibrant energy found in Africa. With each handcrafted piece your dinner guests (and fellow adventurers) will be enchanted from starters to dessert, and every mouthful in between.

(Explore My Favourite Pieces) – link to Summer Entertainment Collection 

Step 2: Infuse the Melodies
No safari-inspired dinner party is complete without a background melody of joy and togetherness. So Alexander and I have come together to share our favourite songs that does exactly that.  

(Insert Playlist HTML) – Mavros Sounds Volume 3

Step 3: Signature Cocktails and Culinary Safari Delights
Then, to up the ante even further, we suggest that you kick off the evening with especially curated cocktails selected by Alexander and Patrick Jnr. Refreshing Vodka Tonic, anyone? What’s not to love about it’s crisp and clean profile that perfectly sets the stage for the feast to come. For a proper adventure, indulge in an infamous Green Mamba, a blend of vodka and cream soda that pays homage to the boys’ misspent youth 🙂

(Summer Cocktails with Alexander and Patrick Jnr) – Link to Journal page

And then, of course, the food. Dishes infused with the rich flavours of Africa’s diverse cultures can be easily recreated in your own kitchen using just a handful of simple, locally sourced ingredients. From delicious braai (BBQ) feasts to flavourful stews brimming with robust spices, each bite will transport you to a place of adventure. 

Step 4: Toast to Togetherness
Raise your glass to the connections forged around the table. This dinner party is not just about the food and the music; it’s about having fun with your loved ones. Creating memories for generations to come.

Cheers to a fun safari-inspired dinner party!
Sarah X