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Hello UCOOK Craft Meals


Hey Friends

If you’ve been following along my Instagram journey for a while now, you’ll already know that I’m a huge fan of the @UcookSA story. So, when they asked me whether or not I’d like to be involved in their brand new Craft Meals project, I jumped at the chance. And if you already love their amazing dinner-to-your-door weekly meal box concept, then life just got a whole lot more exciting for you because you can now order delicious, sustainably-sourced and made-with-care frozen to make sure that there’s goodness on your plate all week long. Lekker hey?

Here’s A Little More Info For you

Convenience, obviously. But it’s also about more than that. The Ucook team, in their usual industry-leading, innovative way, wanted to offer you a selection of ready-made home cooked meals – each designed by industry-leading chefs – so that you can savour not just tasty and nutritious dinners, but the time you’ll save by just heating them up from your freezer.

The range of Artisan, Odyssey and Nourished dishes takes you around the world, which means that every taste preference will be covered. The meals are designed to be eaten on their own, but of course you can also your side of choice. After all, it’s your kitchen – we’re just here to make things that much easier for you.

Add Craft Meals to your cart and get ‘em delivered – no subscription needed. Choose from Serves 1, Serves 2 and Serves 4 portion sizes, add the ones you want to your cart, and good food will be on its way.

I couldn’t be happier to have worked alongside the Ucook team and Chefs Kevin Joseph and Lapo Magni to create beautiful dishes that have been created within 3 fresh categories – Artisan, Odyssey and Nourish (that’s where I come in). So basically, you can find your favourites and then order them on repeat, whenever you like and then just heat and eat, direct from frozen (woohoo).

The UCOOK Craft Meals range has launched with eight meal options across three categories: Artisan, Odyssey and Nourish. Meals in the range include a Durban Lamb Curry by Chef Kevin Joseph, Melanzane alla Parmigiana and Lasagne by Chef Lapo Magni, Smoked Salmon Mac and Cheese by Chef Courtney Lawry and Vegan Cottage Pie by Sarah Graham. Prices range from R59 for single portions to R361 for a four portion serving of a free-range-meat-based dish. 

The arrival of UCOOK Craft Meals also brings about a first for the e-commerce brand with the launch of an in-store retail pilot with Pick ‘n Pay. “We’re thrilled to announce that consumers in the Western Cape (for now) will be able to buy the UCOOK Craft meals range at their local Pick ‘n Pay store,” says co-founder Chris Verster-Cohen.

Forget what you thought you knew about frozen food. Each Craft meal is carefully cooked in the UCook kitchens, seasoned to perfection, packed with care and then blast frozen – this process ensures that the integrity, flavour and nutrients of the food remains intact, which was a really important part for all of us involved.  

Head on over to to https://ucook.co.za or pop in to selected Pick n’ Pay stores in the Western Cape to explore the all new Craft Meals page and get your freezer stocked up asap.

Happy Feasting!
Sarah X