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Step-by-Step Nut Milk



Hello friends! I’ve been promising you a nut milk step-by-step story for ages, and finally, here it is! It’s most commonly made with almonds, but cashews are often more budget-friendly, more easily available, and somehow a little creamier – the nuts blend almost completely into the milk, so you get added fiber too, not the case with almonds. Also, cashew nut milk is creamier (did I say that already?), and how could that possibly be a bad thing? Oh, and soaking time for the cashews is about 3 hours, vs the 8 hours that you usually need to soak almonds.

I won’t go into all the detail of cows milk vs nut milks here, we have far too much fun ahead, but it’s worth doing some research of your own, and if you think you have a lactose intolerance, chat to a dietician or nutritionist and maybe consider an elimination diet.

And I couldn’t be more excited to have partnered with Nutribullet South Africa to bring this recipe to you. I usually make nut milk in my humble counter-top food processor or blender (to be fair, it’s been a very good kitchen companion to me and is over 10 years old), but making this in my shiny new Nutribullet opened up a whole new world of joy. The milk blends within seconds (literally), and there was absolutely no residual pulp when I strained it – that means that every last nut fiber had blended perfectly into the milk, making it much creamier and more nutrient dense. Win!

Click here for the recipe!

Photo Credit @CurtisGallon