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My July Natural Beauty Favourite


If you live in Joburg, you know that winter means REALLY dry skin, lots of dust and pollution and chaos for your skin. THIS STUFF is the unicorn. It’s rich, nourishing (holds up perfectly as a night cream as well as a day cream), full of natural goodness and it smells prettily of roses. I have a mild obsession and panic sets in when my tube gets too near the end.

The product has been around for more than 46 years and also boasts Damask rose flower water (a natural toner with antioxidant properties); Carnauba wax (combined with beeswax & rose wax, carnauba protects the skin from environmental factors, helping to slow the signs of ageing) and precious Damask rose oil (full of nourishing essential fatty acids, plus vitamins A, B3, C, D & E which means that among other things it helps with tissue regeneration and reduces the appearance of fine lines – yay!).

Head on over here to buy some online and have it delivered to your door (or treat someone with a tube as a pressie, you can’t go wrong).

And if you have any other favourites that you think I might be missing out on, let me know!

Sarah x