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How To Make Homemade Yoghurt



Hello friends!

There are few things better to kick off the day with than gorgeously creamy, silky yoghurt dressed up in some form or another, right? But, before you mindlessly reach for that tub in the supermarket, just take a minute to reflect on that fact that not all yoghurts are created equal.

I always opt for full cream natural yoghurt over ‘low-fat’ – a) because I believe in including moderate amounts of good fats in my diet, and b) because low-fat options often have sugars, preservatives and artificial flavours added into them to make up for the lack of flavour and creaminess. I know, go figure. There should be two basic ingredients – live and full-of-goodness probiotic cultures, and milk. And it should be worth getting excited about; among a whole long list of other accolades, yoghurt is amazing for gut health and is also a very clever blood sugar stabiliser.

And there are various options out there that fit that bill, which is great. But guess what – you can also make your own at home, IN A JIFFY. I recently spent some time getting to know my new Severin Yoghurt Maker that my friends at Faithful to Nature sent over to me, and basically, it’s the bees knees – here’s how it works…

Step-by-step Home Made Yoghurt with the Severin Yoghurt Maker
The machine is really compact and easy to use, and comes equipped with seven dinky little 150ml glass jars. I advise reading the simple instructions that come with the machine, but basically here’s how it works:

1. You can either make a ‘culture’ using natural yoghurt and add two tsp to each jar, OR use a ready made probiotic culture, here are a few options.
2. If using a culture, follow the instructions on the packaging – you will need to heat the milk and then mix it into the culture powder.
If using natural yoghurt as your culture, warm 1L of milk gently to just above your body temperature.
3. Add milk to the jars and stir gently, and then place them carefully into the base of the machine.
4. Start the machine and set a reminder to check the yoghurt in 4-6 hours (it will be longer if you have not used pre-warmed and full cream UHT milk) and then remove the little jars.
5. You can then transfer the full amount to a large glass jar to cool, and then store in the fridge, or store them individually for easy grab-and-go options, and flavour them with different flavours such as honey, mixed berries, etc.

Easy Peasy, hey?!

And here’s my recipe for delicious Chia and Berry Yoghurt Parfaits
My girls are madly in love with these, and take them to school instead of sweetened alternatives.

And thanks again to my friends at Faithful to Nature for collaborating on this recipe with me, and for supplying the best quality pantry ingredients and supplies to bring this recipe to life. And guess what?! You can get R100 OFF any order over R350 with the code #SARAH – yay!

Sarah X