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Meet Pedersen and Lennard


Hey Friends!

As you might already have seen over in my Instagram Feed, we recently did some redecorating on our home in Noordhoek. Having just moved here from Joburg at the end of 2020, we really wanted to add a few touches to the house that would make it feel like it had our own fingerprints on it.

With the help and guidance of our endlessly clever interior designer Lauren Slinger, I was over the moon to collaborate with some really special local brands to achieve the look and feel that we were hoping for.

I wanted very specifically to partner with proudly South African producers who are defined by care, and who have built brands that tell a special story, and to pour a little bit of that magic into our home.

Enter the design genius duo Pedersen + Lennard… their story began in a back room in Woodstock in 2008 — with two bright-eyed industrial designers brought together by their common love for simple lines, a timeless aesthetic and the country they’re proud to call home.

Over a decade later, considered design still informs everything that they do and stand for. And you can feel it in each piece of furniture that they craft. It’s also easy to see that their ‘considered design’ extends all the way into how they have built their business as a whole, which means that they very proudly craft honest, pared-down, well-built pieces designed to not only last a lifetime, but improve the lives of those who had a hand in making them too.

Proudly South African + Globally Acclaimed
Pedersen + Lennard designer furniture is now a brand that is proudly South African and also globally acclaimed, yet all still proudly made under one roof in Cape Town. Recognised both at home and abroad, their business has grown to meet a wide range of clients, spaces and sectors—including commercial projects, private homes, offices, restaurants and public outdoor spaces.

Form + Function + Forever
Considered design informs every aspect of the P&L journey; from their in-house creative design team to their production line, careful choice of materials, and rigorous testing processes, right through to the small, hidden details that make their furniture as good to look at upside down as the right way up.

Sustainable Materials + Streamlined Production
P&L also moulds their production processes around leaving a lighter footprint, which means that their materials are locally and sustainably sourced from a network of suppliers that they know they can rely on. Also, they utilise non-toxic sealants and timber that’s FSC-approved. And in an effort to reduce any excess waste, many of their designs have been inspired by using the “by-product” materials of other items — turning every part into something beautiful and functional.

As you can see from the pictures I’ve shared, and having collaborated closely with the P&L team to share this story, it’s not hard to fall in love with what they stand for, and what they so beautifully create. Every piece that we’ve brought into our home has already added so much joy, fun, beauty and cleverness that we will treasure for years to come.

Follow along for more about our partnership on this project, or start your own P&L journey… they are offering my followers an amazing 10% discount on all products from 1 March – 31 March 2022 with the code SARAHGRAHAM10

Here are a few of our favourites…

Emily and Isla’s Bedroom Cabinets

Sophie’s Chest of Drawers

The sweetest Bedside Tables that you ever did see…

Sophie and Isla’s beautiful bedroom shelf units

Bathroom Mirror Cabinet

Plant Hemisphere

Kitchen Stools