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Meet Sorghum


Sarah G Nutri2575

If you haven’t met yet, then Sorghum is definitely a grain that I think you should get to know. Besides the fact that it’s a staple to a staggering one third of the world’s population and really budget friendly, it’s favour extends far beyond being gluten-free and deliciously nutty. It’s also really nutrient dense, including impressive counts of B-vitamins and iron (and it’s higher in protein than quinoa!). I think of it as a ‘kind’ carb’, full of goodness and slow release energy. So, move over smug quinoa and co. there’s a new cool kid on the block, and I think it’s here to stay. Also! Sorghum is relatively eco-friendly to grow – for example, an acre uses a third-less water than an acre of maize/corn.

You can also easily grind the dry grains in a food processor to make quick flour, which is delicious for gluten-free pancakes, or use it to make a creamy porridge by cooking it with milk and warming spices like cinnamon and vanilla (the porridge you might already be acquainted with actually, another name for it is mabela or maltabella).

Probably my favourite way to use it is as a brilliant, beautiful salad base, like in this Sorghum & Strawberry Summer Salad. I added the pop of bright green freshness that asparagus lends to anything, and the tart-sweetness of electric pink strawberries. Where we end up, is with a delicious and nutritious riot of colour that is hard not to love.

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