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Meet The Instant Pot


Hello, Instant Pot
Guys, have you met the Instant Pot yet? They recently sent me one to experiment with in my kitchen, and it’s a total Game Changer.  Basically, it’s one of the most efficient and intelligent cookers to hit the market for years, it’s huge in the US and UK and it’s easy to see why with 7 snazzy appliances all wrapped up neatly in one. You can effortlessly pressure cook, slow cook, steam or saute your way to glory in a flash (that’s before you’ve made yoghurt, cooked rice or porridge or set the timer to keep food warm). In total, there are a staggering 14 smart cooking settings, all designed to make your cooking as fuss-free and speedy as possible. Also, the Instant Pot is ultra energy efficient, and cooking with everything locked into the pot keeps in loads of extra goodness. I’m really impressed with how tender meat is and how the flavours are enhanced when using it.

Here’s what else you need to know
–  There’s a really clever microprocessor that is constantly monitoring the temperature and pressure of your food to achieve the best outcome.
– There are 14 built-in ‘smart programmes’ that include simple soups, stews, fast fry (at various levels of intensity), steam, slow cook, pressure-cook, keep-warm, and even a yoghurt-making setting.
– The appliance also comes with a great little recipe booklet to set you on your way.
– You can also pre-programme the machine to start cooking at a set time – so wake up to warm bubbling porridge or come home to a cosy stew at the click of a button.
– And here’s a really cool article that will tell you more about the brand and the man behind it

The Instant Pot is efficient, intelligent and forward-thinking, and with Christmas just around the corner this is the perfect family-friendly pressie, don’t you think?
Instant Pot is available at all @Home stores, Yuppiechef and Hirsch’s Homestores – priced from R1,999

And here’s a simple recipe to send you on your merry way…
Lamb, Lentil and Barley Bolognaise

Photo by Yuppiechef