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Q and A with Healthy Girl with a Sweet Tooth


Friends, meet Andene Horne – you might know her better via her online profile @healthygirl_with_a_sweettooth

And besides being ridiculously beautiful (and ridiculously nice), she’s a Girlboss, Owner & Founder of Healthy Girl With A Sweet Tooth, Creator of Healthy Girl DIY Protein Ball Mixes, Health & Lifestyle blogger, PUMA SA Brand Ambassador & soon-to-be health coach. You can read more on her website here.

We set up a Q&A with Andene to hear more about her healthy foodie journey. You definitely don’t want to miss this…

I started the Healthy Girl blog back in 2014 (as a hobby) simply to share my love for health, food, fitness, fashion and travel. My goal in doing so was to encourage young women to live a positive and healthy lifestyle.

Over the last couple of years it has been both super exciting and overwhelming for me to watch how Healthy Girl has grown and developed. The brand has gone from strength to strength – picking up a strong following of loyal supporters!

I firmly do not believe in fad dieting, restrictions, deprivation, calorie counting, food guilt, grueling training programs and going to extremes. I have experienced all of these issues and I know how damaging it can be. This is why I am deeply passionate about living a healthy lifestyle while promoting self-love and inspiring other women to do the same.

When did you realise that sharing tips and advice on healthy eating and living well was what you wanted to make a career out of?

It was my personal struggles with body image and food that ultimately helped me to realize that I wanted to reach out and be able to help other women deal with and successfully overcome similar struggles.

Your advice on where to start for people who know they want to eat more healthily but are totally overwhelmed?

The absolute BEST advice that I could give to anyone is this… Simply tune in and listen to YOUR body! Listen to what your body is telling you what it needs to feel best. Your precious and VERY clever body knows exactly what it wants, in fact, far better than anyone or anything else!

Unfortunately, we live in a world where we are constantly bombarded by seriously overwhelming and confusing information – particularly when it comes to food and exercise. There are new fitness and diets trends popping up day after day. Not to mention the huge amount of pressure that is put on women to look and be perfect. All of this creates so much “noise” in our lives that it becomes impossible to listen to our inner (true) self and listen to the messages that our bodies are trying to tell us.

To summarise:

  • Keep it SIMPLE!
  • We are all unique- what works for one person does not necessarily work for another. SO! Focus on your body’s unique needs, wants and likes.
  • Diets & restrictive eating DO NOT work!
  • When it comes to health there is NO one size fits all approach.
  • Learn to create healthier versions of your favourite meals and treats.
  • MORE water, MORE plants (veggies), MORE fruits, MORE quality, unprocessed wholesome foods and MORE love!

Favourite quick fix recipe?

My Healthy Girl DIY Protein Ball Mixes! They serve as absolute lifesavers and are the ultimate quick fix to any sweet tooth cravings or for when you need a delicious and wholesome snack to help fuel you during the day!

Advice for keeping a good work-life balance?

Prioritise yourself first and then schedule your work life around that!

3 tips for women entrepreneurs?

  1. Your health & happiness comes first above all else!
  2. NEVER (ever) give up on your dreams. TRUST in the process. BELIEVE in yourself!
  3. ASK for help when you need it – you do not need to do it all by yourself!

What makes you the happiest?

Where to start, there are SO many things that make me my happiest! Sunshine, the sea, greenery, making a delicious home cooked meal for me and my husband Dale, exercise, dancing, laughing and being silly with friends, cuddles from my little french bulldog Bodhi bear, candle light dinners, being in nature, yoga, reading a new book, exploring, traveling, creating, pursuing passions (old and new) and lastly, helping women to become the happiest and healthiest versions of themselves!

Thank you so much Andine for sharing your healthy food story and so much inspiration and really solid, good advice with us! XX