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Sevruga at The Waterfront


Sexy and sophisticated. But not intimidating. Now that’s not a combination you get every day. So yes, I guess you could add one-of-a-kind to the list then. Sevruga‘s not really an every day let’s just pop there kind of spot, it’s more suited to the ‘let’s treat ourselves bracket’.

Did you know that The Victoria and Alfred Waterfront is one of the most visited tourist spots in the whole of South Africa? Like, more popular than Polokwane (even with its shiny new stadium). Heck, the V&A even outstrips Knysna, the Kruger, and Kuruman for that matter. Well anyway, nestled smugly right on the waterfront itself, boats bobbing candidly in the background, you will find the white umbrellas standing proud on the restaurant’s terrace. There’s almost always a bun-fight for the outdoor area in summer, where pre and post dinner cocktails go down a treat against the backdrop of Table Mountain.

Sesame-crusted Seared Tuna that we keep going back for? Check. I’m-so-happy-right-now Cape Salmon? Check. And then there’s the special on their 24-piece Sushi Platter. I kid you not. People drive for miles to get their chopsticks on these puppies. Heck, that’s as close to ‘all you can eat’ as you’re going to get this side of Chinatown. And it doesn’t stop at seafood either. The credits keep on rolling in for Lamb Shank, Duck Duo and more-than-just-Fillet-Steak that never disappoint. And yes, the picture is complete when you turn to the desserts page and you see Crème Brûlée and you just know it’s going to be way above average.

So what’s not completely wonderful?
You could say that the prices are sexy too. But honestly, the juice is always worth the squeeze.
The Waterfront in the height of the summer busy season can be pandemonium. But I still say brave the masses, just book in advance.

When you’re blissfully full and ready to head home, grab a handful of jelly beans from the jar on the way out the front door and think of Rob.