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We Chat to Hannah from The Skin Creamery


HannahWe’re so excited to collaborate with the lovely Hannah at The Skin Creamery this month, and she’s very kindly agreed to give away a gorgeous hamper of 5 of her star products along with a beautiful hemp bag. They are AMAZING, and the total value comes to over R750 so it’s a real spoil. A belated Valentine’s gift from us to you! To enter to win, just SIGN UP for our snazzy new monthly newsletters (there’s an entry box on the home page). Easy peasy.

I’m really fussy about beauty products (I have super sensitive skin) and I LOVE the Skin Creamery products. They are made with such love and care, and it shines through in every drop.

Here’s a little more of Hannah’s Story and The Skin Creamery Ethos
In 2014, Hannah set out to create a natural skincare range fuelled by the burning desire to combine her commitment to conscious living with her passion for skincare. Each product has been formulated with a deep understanding of the science behind happy, healthy skin, all without the use of harmful chemicals and synthetic fragrances.

Besides the basic blurb on your website, HOW did Skin Creamery come about? Was there a lightning bolt moment?
After having my first baby 5 years ago, my awareness around harmful ingredients in skin care and food increased dramatically! I became obsessed with finding only the purest of formulas to use on my newborn’s skin. Then the awareness spread to my beauty habits and I soon realised that I couldn’t find a local skin care product that ticked all my boxes. Coming from a beauty background, I was quite fussy, so that basically set the motion for Skin Creamery.

How long from the idea to the product being on shelves, and your biggest hurdles in between?
Around 2 years, it took a long while to come up with the perfect formula for the cream. There were quite a few check points that it had to meet, so it was a long process. The scent, texture, how it felt on the skin, sourcing of fair-trade organic ingredients – These are all key factors that I really focused on when creating the overall product. Hurdles in between? too many to mention 🙂 but Its been an incredible journey of learning, following a passion and self growth all rolled into one project.

3 tips for women entrepreneurs?
The universe is big enough for every one, embrace competition!
Don’t be too hard on yourself.
Find the right balance between being polite and not being walked over.

Where to next?
We’ve had quite a bit of interest from international markets, so we are in the beginning processes of registering our products for overseas markets.

Favourite speedy breakfast, lunch and dinner?
I make homemade muesli and have it with live yoghurt and banana as a quick easy breakfast.
For lunch I normally put together a crunchy salad or a whole brown rice salad with loads of greens.
My best dinners are where I throw a bunch of veg and meat into a slow cooker.  I do this in the morning so I dont have to deal with cooking and tired kids in the evenings. (not a good combo)

Thanks Hannah for being so inspiring, and for sharing some Skin Creamery love with us this month!