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Why Turmeric is Ridiculously Amazing


Sarah Graham 20178173
You probably already know that Turmeric is a neat little food superhero – but did you know that it goes beyond anti-inflammatory properties all the way to aiding digestion, and can support metabolic efficiency? A lot of the credit for all the goodness goes to curcumin, which is an element of turmeric and kind of the heart and soul of the matter.
It also does a really good job or protecting our livers.

Here’s a little more from the goodness gurus over at Mind Body Green
The commonality between just about all the research done on turmeric and curcumin boils down to one thing: inflammation. Inflammation is a buzzword of late and something we have talked about in functional medicine for years. Inflammation is not inherently bad; it’s actually an important part of our immune system that fights off viruses, bacteria, and keeps you alive and well. Chronic inflammation occurs when inflammation goes unchecked, and this hyper-inflammation is like a forest fire burning in perpetuity—no bueno. And it’s this imbalanced inflammation that is linked to a ton of the health problems we see today. Curcumin and turmeric are known for their ability to tame chronic inflammation…

Get your Turmeric Fix!
Here, in a pretty Frosted Turmeric Shake that looks like liquid sunshine, it’s hard not to love. Add in a grating of fresh ginger for extra immune-boosting benefits and you’re golden. Literally. (Oh, and it’s just as delicious warm on a chilly night, maybe with a hint of cinnamon)
And on that note, see my guide to making home made nut milk over here, it’s easy peasy.
Our favourite Lamb & Lentil Bobotie has a good dose of golden goodness.
Or try this speedy, simple Cauliflower & Spinach Curry.

Photo Credit: Curtis Gallon