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Vanilla Cake Magic with NoMU



A couple of weeks ago I received a very pretty little box filled to the brim with the latest offering from the ever clever people over at NoMU, in the form of their brand new and almost-instant Baking Kits. These baking kits are the latest brainchild in a long line of gastronomical genius that Paul and Tracy and the NoMU team have thunk up since they started making their exquisite, carefully crafted food products a few years ago.

Although I’m more than happy getting out my scales and cup and spoon measures, as you might have learnt from the Art of Baking Course that I did recently with the Yuppiechef team, I’m also an advocate of working smarter and not harder when it counts, and am not shy of a kitchen quick-fix or two. And in this case, you know the products have been well sourced and made, thought through and are pretty much idiot proof. What more could you ask for?

Little Sophie and I started off by making the Vanilla Cake, and it worked perfectly and was beautifully moist for a good couple of days (a big deal for me, I like to have my cake and eat it too). We also followed the instructions for their simple buttercream icing, with fresh butter being one of the only ingredients we had to go scratching around for.

nomu-cake-kitI think these are an ideal addition to your Christmas holiday box of tricks. You won’t need to take all your usual baking paraphernalia along with you, but you’ll be able to quickly whip up anything from breakfast pancakes and muffins to cakes and scones for afternoon tea without taking too much time out from the beach.

Happy Baking!

This is not a sponsored post. NoMU sent me a few kits to try out for fun, and I think they’re pretty amazing, so I wrote about it.
Cake Image courtesy of the NoMU team.