[_LM_1832]Hey everyone! This week’s episode is set in the hilly, forested wonderland of Pongola Game Reserve. It’s a beautiful off-the-beaten track conservation area in northern Kwazulu-Natal.

The reserve is unique in that it has the scenic variety of bushveld, mountains, major water bodies and a range of leisure activities that make the best of all the natural features. This, along with an abundance of space and the results of a “light footprint” development philosophy are key ingredients of the special experience offered by the reserve. The Pongola river meanders lazily through the valley below the lodge, and it makes for breathtaking views.

We were so warmly welcomed at Nkwazi Lodge by the Pongola team, and we can’t thank you enough for having us and hosting us so generously – we loved everything from the early-morning views over the lake to cruising on the water in search of hippos and crocodiles, delicious meals on the lookout deck, to falling asleep at night listing to the sounds of the bush from the comfort of our beautiful, cosy wooden stilt houses. Thank you!!

Here are a few of my favourite photos from the adventure X [_LM_1918] [_LM_1957] [_LM_1960] [_LM_1965] [_LM_2025] [_LM_2062] [_LM_2074] [_LM_2124] [_LM_2125] [_LM_2171] [_LM_2182] [_LM_2184] [_LM_2263] [_LM_2492] [_LM_2508] [_LM_2600] [_LM_2618] [_LM_2877] [_LM_3385] [_LM_3355]