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Meet my new, goodness-only snacks, #NourishBites

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The Nourish Story

Guys! I am over the moon that you finally get to meet my new healthy snack range, NOURISH. It’s been a ginormous work in progress for a year (you can read more in my recent blog post, here), and now it’s almost time to say HELLO!
With Nourish, my goal is to give you easy-access to full-of-goodness snacks that make you feel amazing. I’ve spent months creating these nutritious treats that will give you the energy you need to get the most out of every day. Nice hey?

We’re launching with just two very simple full-of-goodness snacks – Power Balls that come in two different flavours. Cacao & Cranberry (delicious and dark chocolatey and amazing with a cup of coffee) and Coconut Bliss (slightly sweeter, creamier and of course coconutty – my favourite for mid-afternoon and before exercise), and they are proudly made from the goodness of 100% natural ingredients. There are no additives or preservatives lurking about, and we think that they’re perfect for on-the-go.

Both flavours are also tried and tested on my family and friends. Rob, Sophie and Isla love them! And Isla isn’t the easiest customer, trust me. Her other favourite foods are plain spaghetti and toast so these are is a big win for us.

Follow the conversation online via my Instagram and Facebook with #NourishBites.

Also, we’re already hard at work planning our next products (we have such yummy stuff up our sleeves) but pop us a note if you think there’s anything life changing that we should be making!

Happy, healthy best wishes



Power Balls

Cacao and Cranberry

Our Cacao & Cranberry Power Balls are delicious and dark chocolatey (think along the lines of a chocolate truffle and you’re halfway there). They’re a little more serious than their Coconutty friends. And they are officially amazing with a cup of tea or coffee. Also, they are made from completely natural ingredients and are free from gluten, dairy, refined sugars, and preservatives. Like I said, Goodness Only.

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Coconut Bliss

Our Coconut Bliss Power Balls are sweet, a little creamy and of course deliciously exotic and coconutty. They taste like being at the beach. How cool is that? This flavour is also a particular favourite with kiddies, and makes a great mid-day pick me up. They also work wonders as a pre-workout, completely natural energy boost.

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