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6 Fig Recipes Worth Getting Excited About


If you didn’t already know, I love figs. And it feels like they’re only ever in season for 5 minutes, so here are my favourite Fig Recipes for you to make ASAP 🙂 

  • Fig and Rosemary Galette with Spelt Flour – Have you tried Spelt Flour before? Spelt is a beautiful, ancient whole grain, and while not wheat-free, it is more easily tolerated by people with wheat and gluten sensitivities. It’s higher in protein and fiber and lower in gluten than regular wheat, so it’s worth getting excited about. It’s also budget-friendly and easy to bake with – and what better way to test it out than with this pretty-as-a-picture Fig Tart?
  • Creamy Millet Porridge with Figs – This is a healthy, creamy, comforting winter favourite and a fun alternative to good old oats. Plus! Toppings galore. And what’s porridge without a handsome crowning of delicious bits and bobs? Here I’ve mentioned wintery pears or apples, although the recipe was originally made when figs were in season, but anything from caramelised bananas to berries or stone fruit would be just as happy and at home.
  • Roast Pork Fillet with Caramelised Figs – I know that traditional Easter Sunday Lunches are all about a beautiful Roast Lamb, but I think that this Roast Pork Fillet with sticky figs and red onions, and a rich cider gravy easily holds its own among the celebratory food. It’s also more budget friendly and a little less time consuming to pull together. The recipe is from my new book Wholesome, which is in stores in South Africa from this week onwards. Happy Feasting!
  • Molten Chocolate and Fig Pudding – This was a favourite from my most recent season of Food Safari, it’s a one-dish wonder, and what could possibly go wrong when you throw figs and chocolate together in molten chocolate heaven? It’s a pretty perfect pud that’s hard not to love.
  • Roasted Fig and Rosemary Crumble – There’s a version of these in a couple of my books, partly because I love the delicate prettiness of figs, and partly because when they’re gently spiced and roasted, and you add a halo of sweet crumble they are one of the most delicious things I can imagine eating. Also, figs only ever seem to be in season for about 5 minutes, and those 5 minutes happen to be now people, so RUN!
  • Fig, Rosemary and Brie Pizzas – Sometimes, life calls for pizza. You know, crunchy on the bottom, properly cheesy on top pizza. And this combination of sticky fig and balsamic jam (with added rosemary because it’s one of my favourite favourites) and the gentle creaminess of Brie is pretty hard to beat.