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Discover Coffee House: Caffè Venezia

There is so much I love about Italy, and exploring the iconic coffee houses of St Mark’s square is a treasured moment I have from my travels, so it was a joy to bring those memories to life with this pairing.
Coffee Houses in Venice embody timeless tradition and sophisticated, restrained drama, and this is perfectly displayed by the Caffè Venezia.
Within that story, Tiramisu is a beloved Italian classic, and while my version is actually from Venice (taught to me by a local Italian chef with all the flair and drama you’d expect and hope for) it’s perfectly well suited to the aromatic notes of Nespresso’s new Caffè Venezia blend, which cuts through some of the decadence and richness of the dessert.
I’ve also used the Caffè Venezia in the dessert itself for this same reason, and you’ll notice those beautiful, delicate coffee undertones running through the soaked biscuit layers that are a signature of Tiramisu.
Thank you to Nespresso for collaborating on this recipe with me.