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Ginormous Consol Sale!


Hey Friends
Guess where I’m going to be next week? If you know me at all you already know what a glass jar fiend I am 🙂 And our friends at Consol are having a massive sale on all their snazzy glassware, YAY.
Here are a few more details for you:
There will be discounts of between 25% and 50% available, and the sales are happening at their 3 branches in Woodmead, Stellenbosch and Cornubia (not other retailers which stock Consol)
Here are a few little tasters – get your hands on a 3L glass jar for just R22.50; a 1L Jar-in-a-Jar (one of my faves for on the go) R34.80; 500ml Grip and Go water bottle just R16.30 and so much more.

And in the meant time, let me leave you with a few of my favourite glass-jar recipes 🙂
1. Chocolate Overnight Oats
2. Granola Breakfast Parfaits
3. My Favourite Pink Power Smoothie
4. Green Goodness Smoothie

Happy Feasting
Sarah x