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Food Lover’s Market is the headline sponsor and pantry partner to “Sarah Graham’s Food Safari”. Sarah’s down-to-earth attitude and love of family and friends represents a perfect fit when it comes to reflecting the core values of the Food Lover’s Market brand. Like her, we appreciate simple, wholesome and delicious meals, prepared using the freshest ingredients. Viewers will find all the ingredients Sarah uses in her dishes in our stores, providing them the opportunity to recreate their favourite food safari moments in the comfort of their own homes! Read more

Celebrating 110 years, Defy has become a trusted and much loved South African brand. Taking a leading role in appliance manufacturing that includes gas ovens, washing machines, dryers and ovens, Defy offers the largest product range in South Africa; and provides the ideal cooking support to Sarah Graham’s Food Safari in the form of food processors, hand-held appliances and a state of the art gas/electric stove that make light work of the preparation behind Sarah’s outdoor meals. Read more

Suzuki has over 100 years of heritage behind its name. Suzuki Auto South Africa is committed to building on the legacy of Michio Suzuki by offering technologically advanced and reliable vehicles – which are available in 192 countries worldwide. The company is proud to drive Sarah Graham’s Food Safari and celebrate over 100 years of innovation, good value and a fantastic “WAY OF LIFE”! Read more

Starting out as gentle rainfall, every drop of Valprè spring water spends up to 15 years filtering naturally through the ground. On its long journey through the earth, Valprè’s spring water moves through different soil and rock layers that imbue it with minerals that are responsible for its unique composition. To preserve these extraordinary properties, Valprè’s bottling process is designed to ensure that the water is bottled as close as to how it was found. A state-of-the-art bottling plant was opened in Heidelberg in 2011 – it only makes sense that our water is treated with the care such exceptional quality deserves. Being one of the greenest plants in Africa helps to ensure that there will be natural spring water for generations to come, designed expressly to reduce our carbon footprint and leave nature untouched by Valprè’s presence. Valprè is distinguished by its natural sweet taste and is available in PlantBottle™ and elegant glass variants available at selected outlets. The PlantBottle™ is the only plastic bottle up to 30% made from plants and is 100% recyclable. The unrelenting commitment to quality has made Valprè South Africa’s most successful bottled water brand. Read more

A place where city culture and viticulture connect, Durbanville Hills is located a mere 20 minutes away from the Cape Town city centre, standing proud against the Tygerberg Hills. The winery not only offers a spectacular view of Table Mountain, Table Bay and Robben Island, but also an extraordinary terroir that moderates temperatures, one of the main contributing factors that shape the lively harmonious wines of Durbanville Hills. Read more

The Nuy Valley between Worcester and Robertson in the Western Cape is blessed with a terroir perfectly suited for the cultivation of olives. Beneath Rabie Mountain the trees thrive in deep lime soil while a climate of extremes improves flavour profiles. Everyone participating in the yearly cycle of tending the groves and extracting the oil takes pride in the end product: extra virgin olive oil which captures the goodness of the Nuy Valley! Willow Creek is South Africa’s most awarded olive oil, but for us the best prize of all is sharing our passion with olive oil lovers around the world. Read more